eStone Trading - ERP for Trading Outlets

eStone Trading is a custom ERP for Granite suppliers and retailers. It can be independently fit into the Trading Outlets, where the actual Orders are obtained from the Customers. The most common Issue faced in the Outlets sites arise when the Customer places an Order and Inventory Check needs to be done against the Order. Lack of real time communication to the Inventory module, can affect the Business operations and can lead to over procurement or late procurement and delivery of the goods.
ERP for Stone Traders and Distributors

eStone Trading

eStone Trading is an independent solution designed for both retail and whole trading business. It supports real-time communication between the sales and the inventory module.

Key Features

eStone addresses this problem, by establishing a real-time communication between the Sales and the Inventory module. The available Stock in the Warehouse or Production Sites can be seen against the Sales Orders and the Orders can be routed accordingly. Key features of this module include:

  • Purchasing Slabs
  • Generating Sales Quotations
  • Obtaining Sales Orders from the Customers
  • Checking the Inventory for Finished Goods against the Order
  • Checking for Raw Materials, against the Order
  • Creating Packing list if FG is available
  • Routing the Order to the Production site for Procurement/Production process
  • Creating Pro Forma Invoice
  • Recording Customer Complaints
  • Recording Customer Visits
  • Customer Payment terms
  • Native mobile app compatible
Granite ERP Solution - Key Features
Modules Covered in Stone Trading Solution

Key Modules in eStone Trading

Key modules included in eStone Trading

  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Inventory
  • Maintenance
  • Quality
  • Customs (Import-Export)

Target Audience

Retail and Wholesale traders focusing on domestic and international markets.

ERP for Stone Traders - Target Audience