eStone Portal

eStone portal has been designed to ensure you are with your business with Real-time integration with Inventory and allows for customers to block or reserve stock. eStone portal has been designed with Rich UI with easy navigation.

Real-time Inventory

  • Registered customers can view real-time stock position based on Search parameters like ex. Black Galaxy and know about slab sizes and availability.
  • The sales team can use this to show customers the stock levels available with real pictures of the stone along with stock availability.
eStone ERP Real-time Inventory

Online Blocking - Stone Granite Marble ERP Portal

On-Line Blocking

  • Either sales team or registered can place a reservation request or block specific stock item with quality and predefined emails trigger can be configured.

CMS: Content Management System

  • The client will be provided with Admin access where they can update images and content on their own.
Content Management System - eStone ERP Portal

Responsive Web Design - Stone Granite Marble ERP Portal

Responsive Design

  • eStone Portal uses Responsive Design. It can be accessed across all devices ( smartphones, tablets, laptops, and Desktops ), browsers and is cloud-ready.

SEO-Friendly Website

eStone Portal is optimized for SEO. Its search engines friendly with better on-page optimization.

  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Title Optimization (H1 Tag)
  • Image Optimization
  • Crawler Friendly
  • Google Webmasters (Search Console Optimized)
  • Google Analytics Tracking
SEO Friendly Website - eStone ERP Portal