eStone Pro - Granite, Marble and Sandstone ERP Software

Stone ERP for Granite Marble Tile and Sandstone Manufacturers

eStone Pro

eStone Pro (Granite, Marble & Sandstone Software) is our flagship product providing an End-to-End ERP solution for Granite, Marble and Sandstone Industries that covers all key modules.

eStone ERP has been designed and developed keeping in mind the unique challenges faced by the stone industry.

In today’s complex business environment, eStone ensures you are connected to your business and are ahead of the competition.

eStone ensures the Right Information is available at the Right Time to the Right Decision Makers to make the Right Decisions. (Decision Support System).

eStone lowers cost, improves profitability and ensures customer satisfaction through streamlining and integrating processes.

Key Modules in eStone Pro

  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Inventory
  • Production
  • Quality
  • Maintenance
  • Customs
  • Costing

Key Modules available in Stone ERP Solution


eStone Inventory Setup

  • Raw Materials: This Inventory section has the Raw Blocks from the Quarry, which are to be converted into the fully finished Slabs.
  • WIP Inventory: This Inventory section includes the ‘Yet to be completed’ Inventory or the blocks in the Production stage.
  • Finished Goods (FG): This Inventory section includes the fully furnished Slabs, which undergoes various Production and Quality Process.

Production Process

The production process of eStone is completely Work Order driven and include the processes from obtaining the Blocks to the completion of the Slabs. eStone’s Production process comprises the following modules:

  • Block Procurement from Quarry
  • Block dressing
  • Wire Saw
  • Gang Saw
  • Multi-wire Saw
  • Block Enveloping
  • Work Order driven Slab Production
  • Production Quality check
  • WIP Register
eStone ERP Mapascan Integration

Mapascan Integration

eStone Pro seamlessly integrates with Mapascan.

  • Cloud-ready and easy mobile access
  • On-the-go reporting ensures information is available and accessible at anytime
  • Image specific description of all your stocks available in eStone

Target Audience

  • Large to Medium Granite processing Units
  • Large to Medium Marble Manufacturers
  • Large to Medium Sandstone Manufacturers and Traders
  • Tile Manufacturers
  • Granite Cutting and Polishing Units
Target Audience Stone ERP Software