Why eStone ERP ? - Key Differentiators

Simplifies your Business & Increases Profitability

  • eStone ERP is a low-cost solution with best features of large scale ERP with reduced licensing cost
  • Short implementation cycle to yield maximum ROI
  • Integrates different processes, activities, systems that are used to run the business
  • Better collaboration with customer’s suppliers and sales partners
  • Reduced operating and overhead expenses
  • Increased consistency and accuracy of information
  • Improved and Immediate Customer satisfaction
Simplifies your Business & Increases Profitability
eNoah Pioneer in ERP Solutions

Pioneer in ERP Solutions

  • Our prior experience with implementing large-scale Enterprise Resource Planning for Fortune 1000 Organizations and fine tuning the system to suit industry requisites has enabled us to confidently design a simple yet feature- affluent product in eStone
  • eNoah’s domain expertise helps us address complex costing and production processes in the industry. The product can be integrated with any subsisting Enterprise Resource Planning or legacy system that can apportion and process data and report

Industry Expertise

eNoah, an ISO 27001 certified company has in-depth knowledge in Manufacturing and Finance & Accounting processes. This lays the foundation for us to create a vigorous, robust ERP for Stone Industry such as eStone

eNoah Industry Expertise
platform independent solution

Platform Independent Solution

eStone is a platform-independent solution that can be implemented across a variety of Operating systems and Database applications.

User-Friendly ERP Solution

eStone is highly user-friendly. The screens are familiar and simple to comprehend with quick adaptation to incipient requisites.

User-Friendly ERP Solution